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Apr 28, 2011

It’s the Turn of Ino Yamanaka

Today, to dear women readers, here is your world. For the reason, I have a preparation for Naruto Ino yamanaka outfits. Carrying your eyes and mind follow me! Don’t miss this golden chance, maybe they’re just ready for you supposing there is a Naruto cosplay show.

Ino Yamanaka Cosplay Costume
 For the first style, you have been familiar with it for a long time. Just from the beginning, she wears it. This outfit is just sleeveless top and skirt, at the same time, a pair of arm protectors accompanies with it. The romantic and elegant violet overflows in your eyes. Is it your lucky color? A bright blue waist band outlines your perfect waist-line. It’s a brief design; does it catch your favor?

Shippuden Ino Yamanaka Cosplay Outfit

More gorgeous is Naruto Shippuden Ino Yamanaka costume. As attractive as the role herself, this uniform comes with sleeveless purple coat and skirt identical to color and material. At a first blush, you have to admit a fact: that’s really an enthralling uniform. And also gives you some hints this dress is a worthy alternative. The coat promises you a chance to show your perfect waist-line due to its bare-midriff top style. That’s not enough alluring, skirt gives a strike to your eyes. Not enclosed with a gap in the front, instead, sexy thin black underpants promise you security. In the mean time, web-like kneepads and elbow support put finishing touches to this unique. Does it capture your heart?

The materials above offer you information about Yamanaka uniform. More you know her more you are addicted with her. Why not act as her in a costume play? Being confident, show yourself!

Apr 26, 2011

Recommendation: Naruto Yuuhi Kurenai Cosplay Costume

Today, I’ll make my efforts to let you to fall in love with this unique.
As if she is evening glow, shinning and enthralling. Have you such experience staring at the gorgeous clouds in twilight? It gives you tranquil and peaceful feeling.

Well, the following things will give you inspiration of fashion trend. Now, carrying your eyes follow me.
Naruto Yuuhi Kurenai cosplay costume

Yuuhi Kurenai costume is just composed of shirt, sleeveless coat and shorts. What to your amazing lies in details. Akin to T-shirt now, meanwhile, the underwear features aesthetic feeling of asymmetry. The right hand is in red sleeve; oppositely, the other is naked. Do you like this style? Apart from it, the sleeveless coat is eye-catching, either. You have such illusion, many bandages crisscrosses to form this design. Matching white shorts provide you security, whatever you do. Finally, a headband gives the finishing touches.
Yuuhi Kurenai Wig


Have you draw the outline of this uniform?
Of course, a cosplay wig collocates with this outfit. With soft nature, it displays layered black effect with natural curls as well as deflected bang. The color and texture will get your favor. Seamless edges and natural parting allows the wig natural.

Well, the warm-up goes to the end, do you have somewhat heart moved? If she is just what lies in your heart, now, take action to enjoy Yuuhi Kurenai cosplay fun!

Apr 24, 2011

Feast Your Eyes on Naruto Anbu Cosplay Costume

Naruto Anbu
Are you ready? There, exquisite are coming!
Have the idea being one of Anbu member crossed in your mind? So have I. Because they are cool, aren’t they?

Well, glue your eyes in these excellent Naruto Anbu cosplay outfits, I believe, you’ll be captured!
Naruto Anbu Cosplay Outfits

At the first glance, I should admit that a tailor-made design ensures their progress in personalized character. Sleeveless jacket matches with same color trousers, and a silver vest with two suspenders gives the finishing point to this unique. No matter coat, vest or trousers, they all cling to the shape perfectly to show best figure. Besides, a pair of gauntlet can be a part of protectors. Finally, a silver piece of clothing goes around the right knee as kneecap. 

Can you imagine the picture?

As a matter of fact, you can have the other alternatives. Comparing with the former, it appears briefness. It’s just composed of overcoat attached with cap. Can you feel the mysterious temperament from it? 

As a rule, once the anbu members are carrying out a task, a mask must be needed. The mask displays all kinds of animal. It sounds interesting. Even in your own life, it also brings you funs. Do you have any expectations for it? Ok, you can begin your exploration in a cosplay show, together with your buddies. Have great fun!

Apr 20, 2011

Mental Vitamine---Appealing Uzumaki Naruto Costumes

Well, in this great eye-feast, Uzumaki Naruto cosplay costumes have a meet with supporters. It’s no way to put such mischievous boy in the dark corner.

OK, now throw a kiss to him to show our enthusiasm.

Frankly, at the first glance, the orange color overflows in your eyes. How do you think the lovely color? Fine, you’ll be captured gradually by it, I believe.

Orange jacket matches with orange pants harmoniously, but you may notice, white and blue play bit part in this unique. And a zipper goes through the coat from down to up. More like a suit of sport outfit, it facilitates your action and extension. Additionally, weapon bag, roll bag and shoes accompany with it. Together with a headband, puts the finishing point. Carefully, you can find flame pattern lies in the middle of this band which is a symbol of a qualified ninja. This uniform is really same as the view in anime, isn’t it?

So pleased, here is a new style for Uzumaki Naruto cosplay costume. More accurately still, it belongs to Naruto Uzumaki 6th Hokage costume. Instead of sport style, it features more awe-inspiring. Coming along with black shirts, short sleeve coat reaching under the knees, matching pants cling to the shape. As you know, a zip stretches bottom to up. Apart from that, designs shaped like flames adorn the edge of cuffs and bottom. Moreover, a kneecap is tied on right leg. 

Does it capture your heart? Yes, time to act---Uzumaki Naruto cosplay!

Apr 18, 2011

Sasuke---Cry in his lonely heart

Sasuke in anime
Someone ever side, Sasuke is like evening sun, with sadness and loneliness. But he hides his fear and sorrow in Herat. If he feels so depressed, just cry in his lonely heart. All right; he is such a boy indeed. 

Bearing the glorious identity of clan, yet he lives in hell. He always struggles in his own way. And he depends on the reason to kill his brother to live, that sounds so absurd. While just this idea takes place of inner loneliness. Possessing honorable bloodline, as well as genius, he also is an avenger. 

Cast the negatives aside, Sasuke is adamant, brave, and good looking. 

Naruto Shippuden Sasuke Uchiha cosplay costume
Well, how much do you know about Naruto Sasuke cosplay costumes? Today, I’ll have an exhibition of his dress which different from what you are familiar.

That’s typical Japanese clothes. White kimono clothes matches with pants. On account of no buttons and zip, perfect chest muscles are exposed, with appealing temptation. Worn over a piece of blue cloth, it’s more like an apron, isn’t it? Finally, these accessories are fastened by belt. A pair of sandals is added, I think, it’s more like Japanese warrior costume. 

Then, it’s the order of another one. 
Shippuden Sasuke cosplay costume

At the first glance, your eyes are captured by the zealous red color. Apparently, this Naruto Shippuden Sasuke Uchiha Men's Cosplay Costume comes along knee-length overcoat and black trousers. As you can see, white color designs are going across the front and back. 

Now, the abstract is over, it’s your show time. Show your opinions. Welcome!

Apr 15, 2011

Have a Zealous Hug with Hinata Cosplay Costume

A tiny plant, akin to a weed, sprouts silently in a remote cliff, regardless of being laughed at and scorned to blossom. Of course, in the end, she proves herself an elegant daisy with fragrant flowers. Well, the character Hinata just likes this daisy, making efforts to certify her existence. Being elegant refined but eye-catching, so is her cosplay dress.

Naruto Hinata cosplay costume

Cream-colored jacket attached hood matches with black pants clinging to her shape. And a zipper stretches from end to the neck being the only access in this dress. Besides, the fur goes around the hem, and two fire signs fixed on her upper sleeves. This outfit accompanies with shoes and weapon bag; finally, an indispensable headband symbolized her ninja identity gives finishing touches to this perfect. This design is not so spectacular, but is appropriate her temperament. Do you think so? 

Naruto Hinata cosplay outfit

This is the other style. Instead of the cream-color, this style features light purple combing with white color. Actually, it also comes with jacket attached hood and trousers. The difference lies in applying different color. Perhaps this matching trouser is looser than the previous one. As a whole, it is more like a sportswear. And heeled sandals, weapon bag, and headband are involved in this unique.

Well, the introduction ends, does it satisfy you?  You can explain your views, join the funs together!

Apr 13, 2011

This Spring, Belongs to Sakura

Naruto Sakura

Only being adamant, can you get through the harsh winter waiting for a chance to blossom. Sakura is such a pride flower. 

Someone says Sakura is in bud which is not the member of bloom. Because she promises various wishes, as like a paper on which you can draw the most attractive pictures. As for Sakura, Tsunade acts as gifted pen----a good teacher.

Her debut begins with being a good girl with excellent grades. Moreover, her excellence lies in her efforts and concentration which result in why she receives Tsunade’s favor. It also explains that god helps these who help themselves. 

Apart from the character herself, Sakura cosplay costume is an eye-catching element.
Naruto Sakura outfit

Similar to Chinese cheong-sam, a red body skirt with white stripe going around the edge matches with black pants harmoniously. Slitting at the sides from the thigh down, nevertheless the design doesn’t hamper your movement. Well, the pants promise you security. Just such not complicated design which most people prefer to corresponds with pure nature of Sakura. 

Instead of one-piece body skirt, another style comes with red sleeveless jacket, black short pants and matching gloves. To your favorite, one piece akin to skirt with belt goes around waist. Actually, cuff and leg guards reaching to knee are involved. It looks more fashion. Maybe it’s your flavor you are still waiting for.

    Well, what would you do this spring? Just enjoy the Sakura cosplay funs, because this spring belongs to Sakura, doesn’t it?

Apr 11, 2011

Enjoying Yourself in Naruto World

So pleased to meet you today! I intend to make an abstract of Naruto to fans. For the reason that many lovers are in the team of office workers, consequently, few time is distributed in watching anime or reading comic. Now, I’ll guide you to get overview and we also can exchange mutual ideas.
Naruto surrounds the ninja world to keep the story moving. The profession of ninja is regard as a dream in youth’s heart as like the pirates in One Piece. And the protagonist Uzumaki Naruto is graduated from ninja school in MuYe village. While, nor father and mother, he was deserted by villagers for the reason that evil Gumiho was sealed in his body as he was a child. Without realizing, Uzumaki attempted to attract attentions with various tricks. By contrast, folk got far away from him. He made up his mind to be fifth hokage so as to get more recognition. You know, he is one of the five most powerful ninjas in the world, and also a leader in MuYe village. Regardless of these trials, Uzumaki is confident to achieve his aim. 
Certainly, many friends were in the company of him, handsome Uchiha Sasuke, Hatake Kakashi, and cute Haruno Sakura. At the beginning they are not harmonious with each other, along with the cooperating in fight, they became reliable partners finally. Likewise, there are cunning enemies such as big boss Pill, kid Gaara and so on. Under the lead of teacher Kakashi who is powerful, they are embarked on the spiritual path where endless challenges are waiting for them, gradually, they were cutting there teeth in the struggles between live and death.
So excellent is it that you can’t help falling love with it in which you can find the footprints of friendship, love, affections and others. Adding to the different adventures, make the plot ebb and flow. 
    I know what I say above is just the tip of an iceberg. Perhaps you may hear such a sentence: there is still time, so, take your time, I will add more in the future. Well, follow me!

Notice: Naruto Kakashi Hatake Cosplay Costume Is Coming Up to You

In spare time, when you intend to release yourself, well, look what a feast I bring you today. I’ll introduce Kakashi cosplay costume to you. Is it good news?

Being a genius in ninjutsu, Kakashi became jounin at his 12 years old. Whether can it be seen as a glittering career? Adding to his cool appearance, good figure, as well as excellent ninjutsu, Kakashi is an attractive character in Naruto. 

Today, I leave his personality to present you his suit. I don’t know how much attentions you attach to this handsome outfit at other times. Perhaps, you pay more notice to him and plot rather than their dress when travelling in Naruto world. Now, I will make completeness in this side. 

Composed of shirt, collar waistcoat and pants, this costume is a standard ninja uniform to some extent. The shirt and trousers are made up of identical material and color, and a white zipper stretches from end to neck. Along with a pair of leather gloves, shoes, and headband complete this unique. Additionally, a matching weapon bag follows with him. Finally, a signature mask as a part of armor puts the finishing touches on this cool design.

    It looks the same as in anime, doesn’t it? Once you put on it, you’ll find a kind of sensation being Kakashi. Why not follow his footprints to explore more what you want to know? Ok, free your thoughts, and let it go with him at this moment.

Apr 8, 2011

Say "Hello" to My Dear Friends

Wow! It’s a godsend to pleasant to meet you!

And on this day and days to come, your life and mine will be full with happiness, interesting, positive, of course, sorrow, worries and changes. For the reason that we’ll communicate with each other and share mutual experience, I believe, it is an exciting start, isn’t it?

Well, it’s time to release your body from overloaded working. So late do we meet each other, maybe you’ll think like this through the mutual understanding and communication.
I have been fascinated with Naruto in these days. Perhaps, you’ll think I have already fall behind the trend. Whatever you feel I’m out or another, I want to announce that I really love this excellent anime.

In the season of cherry blossoms, what do you best want to do? Referring to cherry blossoms, I can’t help imaging the cute role Sakura Haruno in Naruto. No way out, I’m poisoned of Naruto. If you are Naruto fans, and support Sakura Haruno strongly, I believe, what you best want to do is letting Sakura being in full bloom in this spring--Naruto cosplay. So am I.

Now, wish we get along well. In the future, we can learn from each other by exchanging views. I think I can hardly wait. Welcome and look forward to your coming!