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Sep 29, 2011

Wathing the Great Performance in Naruto Cosplay

Today.... it's a... um... study day.... we are going to learn from the great cosplayers to enrich our Naruto cosplay experience.... One point is worth considering how the cosplayers express their role except the same clothes as in the anime... a loyal heart to rle, an expression or a lively action???

Sep 22, 2011

Sep 20, 2011

Creative Naruto Album

Well, maybe you have been tired of the articles, and bored words... Today we go to appreciate a new group of creative Naruto album.... if you like, ok, i'm a generous girl, you can take it away...:)

 This picture, well, obviously, it reflects most Hinata fans'thoughts....hoping Hinata and Naruto have a happy ending...
woow.... so creative... are they really the superior ninjas???
 At sight of it, I think "two lonely hearts" is exactly suitable as the picture name. Because of affections, they walk together...
 I believe, it's their happy day...
 A talk between Garra and a raccoon...
 A special Christmas day ....

Sep 16, 2011

Do You Remember Haku with Feminine Appearance?

Haku wearing girl's clothing

I’m afraid you may forget this guy, because he’s not my regular in my blog… I must confess my carelessness to Haku… my eyes have been captured by the shinning roles, like Uzumaki, Sakura, Sasuke and others…

Gentle Haku

Haku is an outstanding guy indeed… at the beginning of story, he’s the example whom Naruto and Sasuke envied and chased. If someone thinks Sasuke is the most handsome guy in the anime, well… I think Haku also can be charming scenery…no doubt about it, Naruto uses the word “beautiful” to compliment him at the first sight Haku is costumed as a girl...  

With the shield of goo look, I can’t associate this gentle guy with a powerful ninja together. Under the gentle appearance and delicate five senses, Haku has a paper heart, experiencing death, misery, and black childhood. Of course, this information I just get from the beginning episodes… I write these depend on my personal opinion, well… as to the further understanding, I think I need spend more time making sense of it. And, the other days I’ll renew this topic… also welcome to your comments, and idea…

Sep 13, 2011

Have Dinner with Naruto This Halloween

Sorry for my late greeting… I was going to say happy mid-autumn festival… well, it’s late because that’s the thing happened on yesterday. So, accept my late wish that happy every day… PS: I have no idea whether you know the festival or interested… but it’s a nice legend in China…

Thinking to mid-autumn festival, I’m bound to introduce the delicious food --- moon cake, a kind of desserts. After you try it, you may say, it’s not a big case, or not special…. In fact, it just brings up you nice wishes that all members of family reunite together and dine together…. It’s a warm day… I think Uzumaki Naruto will like it… one of the reasons that he likes noodle is, in my opinion, to bring him the homey feeling, warm and rich…

When Naruto sees the reunion scene, I can catch the depression and eagerness appearing in his eyes. I plan this Halloween, I’ll let Naruto have dinner with me, and have a happy Naruto day… yes, you’re right… Naruto cosplay now is in my Halloween plan

Sep 5, 2011

Paper Angel---Konan

Konan in Naruto

Wherever Pain is, you can see a pretty girl going along with him. They tend to be a package deal. Due to respect for her, villagers call her “angel”. Moreover, she regards Pain as deity. As long as he gives her orders, she’ll realize it. As a child, she studied with Jiraiya. Having talent to be ninja and a kind heart, why did she fall into dark? Well, someone say, the answer die away in paper snowflakes, no one can see it clearly.

Konan cosplay

Konan is the only female Kunoichi in Akatsuki. It’s not easy. You can’t imagine how much efforts she paid. Someone thinks, she is the most beautiful female in Naruto, do you think so? Surely, she is very popular in Naruto cosplay show.

After enjoying the pictures, do you have a momentum to act as Konan? If your heart is moved, now, get moving!

Aug 15, 2011

Welcome to Visit Hinata Shippuden Gallery

It’s nice to meet you today!

At first, I will show you some interesting pictures named Hinata show.
Please keep your eyes to Hinata, a daisy girl. Don’t you think she has magic to make you fall love with her?
tenderest girl --- Naruto Hinata

“I want to change myself depending on my own!” Hinata said with light melancholy mixed with calm.

As an heir of clan, yet she can’t get recognition. For this reason, she ever was so flustered to cry. Because she knows that she’ll be doomed to bear this heavy family name to live. If something is arranged by destiny, so change another way to be pride. She felt confused until the appearance of Uzumaki Naruto. At this time, she knew what she would do as if the sun finally pushes away the heavy clouds.

Someone ever laughed at this daisy girl. She thought it’s a common model of the comic which treats the love as gorgeous soap bubble. Once you touch it, it will break into pieces. Still she waited for him, no matter the how distant the stars look. Naruto for her is sunshine, although it’s dazzling but not gives up.

strong girl --- Hinata
While, others say, the affections between Sakura and Sasuke are not love. And Sakura is just a spoony laying stress on appearance. I think we can not despise the girls’ courage on account of passion in their unswerving eyes. You can deny the superficial point, but you can not overlook the hard process.

In most stories, there exist two types of girls: long hair and bingle, silent and positive, happy and sorrow or he likes and like his. Instead of a cartoon image, they more like the shadow of reality. Regardless of which party she belongs to, they are irreplaceable in the heart of fans, and you?

Aug 10, 2011

Shura---Only Love Himself

Gaara Picture

Standing there lonesomely, with bowed head, as if he is a child has done something wrong waiting for being punished. He always a poor kid, but he still expects for other’s care. Yet that’s just an illusion. He is Gaara. Facing such a boy, how can you not express pity to  him? His nature gradually withered, until die. People in the village take a look of treating him as a monster; as a result, he lost confidence to be recognized. The remaining light is shattered; well, the shura was tempered like this.

As for his name, Gaara, stands for endless ire from his mother rather than love. What a delightful irony that is, isn’t it?

Gaara cosplay

Naruto gets rid of suffering with the help of companies. However, he always lives in hell and loneliness torture him, being alone, in the corner.

Actually, you can change his fortune; perhaps you can save his haunted soul, do you? A Naruto Gaara cosplay supports you all the while, if you turn back. Time to act, and let’s go to the exploration.

Aug 4, 2011

Join in the Fun with Naruto Sasuke

Sasuke in anime

Different from Uzumaki Naruto, Sasuke has a closely perfect life at the beginning. Born in a big family, he has a kind mother and proud brother, at the same time, for himself, he’s a top student in ninja school. On account of handsome appearance, he’s a popular one who is pursuit by many girls, maybe including you. He possesses nearly everything beautiful. While he lost all that day, peaceful life is broken. Not only his dream was broken into pieces, but his brother he ever loved and admired becomes his sworn enemy. This tragedy begins. The scales of life tip in opposite direction.

Do you want to follow his steps to explore more adventures? Usually, a Naruto Sasuke cosplay can achieve your idea. Well, today I’ll blow your mind. The pictures below all come from Naruto lovers works.
Sasuke cosplay picture 1
Sasuke Cosplay picture 2

Do they strike your heart? Okay, you also can be a one like this. Go to join in the fun and release your eagerness.

Aug 2, 2011

Dress up As Sweet Sakura

Naruto Sakura picture

With bright pink hair, green eyes, and fair skin, without a shadow of doubt, she is a beauty, isn’t she? Such a sunshine girl, while she always complains of her large forehead. Due to this reason, she gets the nickname of “billboard brow”, I think, it sounds interesting. Of course, it’s just my opinion.
Sakura Cosplay

You must saw such scene, an inner Sakura to show her inner emotion. In addition to comic relief, inner Sakura represents Sakura’s actual opinion on things when she outwardly displays something opposite. What a cute girl she is!

Saying so much, well, move to the theme, have you seen Sakura  cosplay show? Today, I’ll give you a feast for your eyes.

Pink Girl: Sakura

Wearing a red cheongsam dress with white circular designs, accompanying with tight black shorts and a forehead protector, this outfit is a whole perfect. Do you think so?

After seeing these excellent performances, do you have an idea to dress up as this cute girl? If you have a heart-move, so take action now to enjoy your happy time!

Jul 28, 2011

Look, So Excellent His Performance Is

Hush, hush……let us watch this picture “film”, to appreciate it with your heart.

Excellent Naruto Orochimaru Cosplay
For a while, whether are you involved into his deep eyes like pools? Are you freaked out with the man’s appearance? Aha, it’s not a picture of horror film. As a product of cosplay show, it’s marvelous, I think.

The man, you see, is the character in Naruto. I believe he is a strong person who can make you remember him at the first sight. Memorable point is his appearance, so….That’s to say, not ugly, yet not beautiful. But just such effect can drive you to be shinning in a cosplay activity. No one can filter out his presence. 

Orochimaru cosplay:wierd expression
Orochimaru Cosplay
He gets crazy with ninjutsu in Naruto world. May be what he still pursuits is power which can give him a hand to revenge for his parents. Of course, it’s just my speculation. Without a shadow of doubt, he is a boss in Naruto as villain. Yep, do you want to try? It needs Naruto Orochimaru cosplay clothing, and some make-up on the face. Well, the soft black long hair also takes a place in the effect.

Want a challenge? Move on……..

Jun 29, 2011

Excellent Naruto Cosplay Show 2010 in Taipei Review

Hoping you like....

Yeah, that’s true the nice things always jump into our minds, to appreciate them, compliment them, and adore them. The International Taipei Book Exhibition 2010 is just such an impressive activity, in which Naruto cosplay show won a big success. 

Um…..would you want to get a glimpse for that awesome performance? Aha, in the meanwhile, check your memory how many do you recognize.

Obviously, he’s Naruto Kakashi, isn’t he? His noticeable gray hair, unique headwear in Naruto and personalized mask reveal his identity easily, as well as his standard ninja uniform. Oh, cool man!

Who is that? :D I can’t wait you to give the answer, he’s Naruto Kimimaro Kaguya. I can’t imagine, he looks very good and nearly the same as the real Kimimaro Kaguya in anime. Yeah, I don’t want to conceal my feeling, I like him.

To your surprised, Sasuke can be smiling so sweet and charming; I like this change, frankly. 

It’s an exciting time! The noodle guy Naruto Uzumaki appeared in our eyes. Allow me to call him like that, please. : ) Originally, I don’t like the orange color, well, after seeing the Naruto anime, I changed my view. Perhaps like the sentence goes that love me, love my dog. The orange hair and orange outfit impress me. Also his optimism and his vitality moved me. So, I think, he’s a good guy.

This is Naruto Orochimaru. Wow….a little strike to my eyes. His special make-up makes me…astonished. But everything is ok. Do you appreciate this style?

Posing to get photos....
The last two are group photos. The pose is so cool.

The picture gallery approach ending. Well, even though the images are less dynamic than the scene situation, I also can be infected with their zeal, love and adoration for anime cosplay. How about you?

Jun 23, 2011

Naruto Temari Party, Will You Come?

Hoping you like ...

Naruto Temari
This girl is awesome. Someone often have such a high opinion for Temari. Not only because the first litter of her name is T which stands for tough, but she is a role of character indeed.

I don’t know how much you know her, always to my impression, she’s strong. Independence, courage, that’s to say, strong-willed but still feminine, intelligent but not a bookworm, all these traits gather on her. So, she becomes my idol in my heart.

Naruto Temari Shippuden Cosplay Costume
Frankly, I have a problem with her hair style. It’s so……complicated. Seemingly, four parts of the hair have a reunion in her head. While I like the blond color, with eye-catching potential. Lol… I understand like that.

Temari Cosplay outfit
Also I appreciate her clothing. It seems Temari prefers to purple, I can find the purple element in each of Naruto Temari cosplay costumes. Lavender kimono matching with skirt, a special top with halters have a good combination with this unique. At last, scarlet belt goes around her waist, and come into being a big bow in the back. Having the eyes down to the leg, aha, there leggings cling to the thigh and shank of the other leg. So sexy she is.

Comparing with the Naruto Temari Shippuden cosplay outfits, well, the clothing in Part one is simple but not monotonous. It’s not difficult to find her clothes also shows lavender.

Temari Cosplay Clothing
Another impressing me is her “weapon”---a big fan. Almost it is as tall as her when she is a child. I think, just seen from the appearance, this fan is a powerful weapon. I want to know how it feels to use it as a real fan in burning days. It can be so cool….. Yes, it can be.

Adding to a pair of ninja sandals, aha, the necessaries to join a Naruto Temari cosplay party are completed. Would you like to join? Just following your thoughts…….

May 17, 2011

Naruto Asuma Sarutobi Visit My Home

A beautiful dream, may achieve...

Being one of twelve guardian ninja, Asuma is also strong, isn’t he? You do not be dazzled by the good looking guys, while he is a charming role, either. Have you heard that a man’s charm is not his appearance, but his connotation? That’s a truth, at least I think so. 

If you’re still not familiar with him, aha, I’ll give you some hints. Do you know the 3rd Hokage Sarutobi? Okay, if you answer yes, it’s easy to get your ideas into shape. He’s the son of 3rd hokage, and the teacher of Shikamaru Nara. 

Asuma Cosplay
He’s always trying to be cool carrying a cigarette in his mouth. Lol………never thought he can be so interesting and cute. Do you interested in him??? 
Asuma Cosplay outfit
Asuma had brown eyes, short black spiky hair and beard. His clothing consisted of the standard ninja uniform with the sleeves rolled up. He also wore a flak jacket, regular shinobi sandals and forehead protector. He also wore the Twelve Guardian Ninja sash around his waist with the kanji for "Fire" () marked on it, a bracelet on both of his wrists and bandages on both arms of his outfit.
In fact, in a cosplay show, the cosplayers who act as him also catch your eyes.